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Spiritual Meanings To Know About Celebrations In The Month Of May ‘ May 2nd: National Day of Prayer May 5th; Cinco de Mayo Day May 6th: Nurses Day, May 10th: Military Spouse Day, May 12th: Mother’s Day, May 18th: Armed Forces Day, May 27th: Memorial Day The month of May encompasses themes of RENEWEL, FERTILITY, and GROWTH. It is seen as a time when nature fully awakens, symbolizing new beginnings and the blossoming of life. PENTECOST SUNDAY is always observed on the 7th Sunday after Easter commemorates the BLESSING OF THE HOLY SPIRIT upon the Apostles and other followers of Jesus (which includes us today). The exact date of Pentecost varies each year because it depends on when Easter falls. It occurs 7 Sundays after Easter. This year’s Easter was March 31st so consequently Pentecost will fall on Sunday, May 19th this year. There are other celebrations in May but some of these listed here can have a meaning for each of us. For example, this past Thursday was the National Day of Prayer. Did we make a list of important things we needed to pray about. Was it personal things only or did we take the time to pray for the request of others who are suffering mentally and physically. How long did we pray? How many times did we pray? We all, including myself, need to ask ourselves.” Lord what am I doing daily to please you, Father. Use me every day to glorify you. Lead me and guide me in all I say and do.” The Lord loves every one of us. He just wants us all to get closer to Him every day.