Overflow is HWWC’s Outreach ministry coordinating and supporting many facets of local and world missions. We support world missions in Columbia, Peru, India, and the Philippines. Some of our local efforts include trash pickup, community cookouts, and annual events such as the Hope Drive, Honor Project, and Every Family Feed A Family

Our vision is to be an Equipped and Empowered church that lives and breathes the love of God, Overflowing into the world!
Our mission is to motivate and mobilize the Body of Christ to engage in ongoing, sincere, loving outreach by equipping them with accessible resources, removing impediments to meaningful connection, and lifting up the name of Jesus Christ.


We partner with the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) and their “Adopt-a-Highway” program where we agree to pick up litter at least two times a year, for three years, over a two-mile stretch of highway. Our two-mile stretch is located from our church on Smith’s Neck Road (Ste Rte 665) to Carrollton Boulevard (US-17). In return, VDOT provides trash bags, vests, important safety information, and highway signs.

Time Out is a FREE Family Service provided through the partnership of HWWC for our community and surrounding area. This ministry started as a result of a vision from our Lead Pastor regarding abused children from stress-filled home environments. All parents need a break sometimes and we are here to provide a safe and loving atmosphere so that they can have a worry-free break. All of our workers are background checked and there is always a first aid and CPR certified volunteer on-site for the safety of the children.

For more information on this program call or text: (757) 356-5730.

Our Manna Ministry at HWWC is a great outreach to anyone in need of food. There are no requirements to receive food, if you’re hungry you qualify. We bag up food from donations given by our church family or by anyone, the “manna cart” is located in the welcome center near the sanctuary doors. We give those bags out Every Tuesday of every month from 5:30-7 pm, if you would like to get involved, give food, or a monetary donation please contact us. We work together to bring honor to our Lord and to serve those who are hungry. Please be a blessing to those in need. If you need food or know someone who does please don’t be embarrassed to ask, we are His hands and feet, we need one another.


Since 1992, Hope Charitable Services has developed a history of helping the poor both through its international ministry and local engagement with the inner-city community of Portsmouth, Virginia.
Through our Urban Outreach Center, we provide hope, help, and healing to those affected by poverty through our holistic and practical direct service programs.  We understand that truly affecting change in the lives of at-risk children requires strengthening struggling families and building communities while empowering children to succeed.

Through our Charitable Supply Chain, we distribute resources from our warehouse to those affected by poverty and disaster.   We also provide logistical support and services for relief and recovery exercises.  This is done through our direct service programs in our inner-city community and through partnerships with multiple churches and nonprofit organizations across our region, in rural poverty pockets, migrant camps, inner cities, and Native American reservations across the Untied States.

Through our Sanctuary of Hope, we minister to the spiritual needs of those that we serve in our inner-city neighborhood that are looking to Christianity for a faith solution.  As a diverse community of Christ-Followers, we welcome those suffering from the constant grind of poverty and hardship.  We are a safe place where they can believe and belong.  We are not simply a place where the poor are served, but a place where they can serve.  We are a church for the poor, by the poor, with the poor, and of the poor.  We are a place where misfits fit. 


Together with his wife Grace, Dr. Ayo Adewuya has founded the Hope and Abundant Life Ministries. This is where local pastors are trained and educated to go into the areas in the Philippines and preach the gospel and set up new vibrant life-giving churches. These pastors are provided with an educational opportunity as well as additional resources to help them minister to their area in an effective way. Currently, this ministry has planted 14 new churches with native trained pastors that are reaching the harvest.

They also have a ministry called, Amazing Grace Christian Foundation. AGCF is a Christian international charitable organization whose primary purpose is to act as an agent of positive change in the lives and communities of underprivileged women and children primarily in Southeast Asia. We work to eliminate homelessness, enhance education rates, distribute tools that spur sustainable livelihood, and provide medical and health care services.We work in 18 locales in Central Luzon, specifically in Manila, Tarlac, Pangasinan and LaUnion.Relationships are the key element in AGCFs work. Through relationships with a wide network of volunteers, professionals, and community leaders, we tirelessly work to serve the people with our programs. AGCF has a unique all-volunteer international team that is led by Grace Adewuya who founded the organization in 2007 in response to the call of God. The Amazing Grace Christian foundation conducts several programs throughout the year: feeding outreaches, back-to-school programs, medical and dental missions, and Christmas celebrations. We believe that education is the best investment and can end generational cycles of poverty.

Echo of His Call Ministries carries out the God-given responsibility and ministry in and through the various regional, national, and International Associate offices which helps us to carry out the vision and mission faithfully nearly for the past five decades. The coordination and synergy of the ministers who serve in various capacities and responsibilities helped us to translate what God had placed in the heart of His servant Rev. S. Sam Selva Raj. The following are the list of National Mission Centers that coordinates the functioning of the Echo of His Call Ministries. These centers serve as a vital link with the headquarters and help in the dissemination of the gospel in the remotest corners of this land and beyond. 

Wayne and Phyllys Wozniak first went to the mission field in the early 1980s.  They have served in the Dominican Republic, Peru, and Colombia, working with developing Bible colleges in all three countries. In 1999 they moved to South America where they met the challenge of reopening Gamaliel Bible College. During their eight years of ministry in Peru, a total of 150 students graduated from the three-year program.  Thirty-five churches were planted by their graduates. In August of 2007 World Missions appointed them to Colombia where they founded SEBIBE (Berea Bible College).  After 11 years there, they had 80 graduates and thirty-one churches had been planted by their graduates. In 2018 Wayne and Phyllys were asked to return to Peru to reopen the Bible college there.  Presently they are living in Lima, Peru, and serving as regional directors of SEBIGMAR in Peru and SEBIBE in Colombia.  Training pastors and church planters is their greatest joy.