Sermons by Pastor Marcel Berrios

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Defending Ourselves Against Satan’s Darts


What tools does the devil have against us? Actually, some quite effective arrows that he shoots in our direction. We must be careful to defend ourselves properly or those darts can lead us to places that God never intended us to travel to. Listen in as Pastor Marcel discusses our defense strategy against the devil.

Find Purpose


On Superbowl Sunday, Pastor Berrios delivers a message that ties the day and times with the work of the Lord in both the church and our lives. God has a purpose for us, but we must make sure that we remain sensitive to hearing, following, and fulfilling that purpose.

Prayer and Fasting


In the lead up to our annual period of fasting, Pastor Marcel Berrios helps to lay the ground work for a successful fast. He touches on many types of fasts that a Christian can embark on, and on the what the proper intentions of our period of fasting should be. We must remember that God’s desires our intended attention and that is a place that we should be looking to get to on a continual basis.