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Why Do You Seek Christ?


John 6:24-29 What is it about Christ that causes you to seek Him? During the time of Christ, some of the original attraction to Christ was his ability to perform miracles and what He was doing for others.

Stewardship of our Time


It’s my time …now! We must make the best use of our time now! in the kingdom and in our personal lives. We have no do-overs, rewinds, or pause buttons that allow us to capitalize on our time after the fact. We only have every passing second in order to make a positive difference in […]

The Keys to being a Man – Fathers Day


Father’s Day 2016. Pastor McCarty discuss the definition of a modern ‘Man’ and compare that to a Biblical ‘Man’. He then offers three profound points on being a Biblical Man and the urgency behind having developed, mature men of God in the church today.

Mother’s Day Being Mary


For Mother’s Day, Amanda McCarty delivers a sermons about Mary, the mother of Jesus, and her promise from God about Jesus. The real hard part of the story is often overlooked when we discuss the events surrounding the birth of Jesus. Mary remembered her promise even though things seemed to get worse before they got […]

Find Purpose


On Superbowl Sunday, Pastor Berrios delivers a message that ties the day and times with the work of the Lord in both the church and our lives. God has a purpose for us, but we must make sure that we remain sensitive to hearing, following, and fulfilling that purpose.