Sermons from September 2017

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We need to be Re-Spec’d


What was God’s original plan for our lives? What have we allowed in that does not align with that plan? We need to ask God to re-specify our lives in order to ensure that we are able to run the race He set before us. Remember, God has set a different race for all of […]

Remember the Doves


Genesis 8:1-9 – The Flood. We have heard this story before, and we might think we know what it means in terms of the lineage of Abram and how God dealt wickedness, but does it have an application past that? Could it be that the ark represents the chaos we find is operating in our […]

Faith Now


Mark 5:35. Faith that God will do what He says He can. We cannot allow our focus to temporarily shift away from Faith in God during times of tribulation or challenge when we should be fully focused on God. We must maintain our faith in God. Without proper faith, we will find a way to […]

Do You Really Believe?


In a ‘Have it Your Way’ society, everything is tailored to our belief systems and our own expectations no longer allow us to accept anything else. The Bible is not tailored to us. It is an ‘All or Nothing’ book. We cannot have the Healing that comes from the Book without the correction it also […]

Trust God with Your Sandals


We must trust God with the small things that He requires before He will determine if we are worthy of the big things. God is looking for people to abandon themselves and dedicate themselves to work of God’s will on this earth. Trust God with the small things and stop trying to resolve issues on […]

Night is Coming…


We are not promised tomorrow, which is all the reason to get engaged in God’s Kingdom today. We don’t need to worry about the why behind peoples situations, we just need to act in love, more specifically God’s love. We need to show love to people now, then work worry about their situation next. The […]