Sermons from March 2017

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Unless You Build the House


Satan is attacking our families. He does it through mental health, divorce, and numerous other ways. He does not want the family established because it means people care for each other and his methods of separating us from God include isolating us here on earth. God requires both parents to be in the home and […]

Fractured Faith


Is life caving in on you? Do we lose track of what God has taught us and act as we have forgotten everything? God has and is continually training us how to live. He has proven Himself to us and He will continue to do so. So hold on, God is there for us and […]

The Promise Remains


We discern promises from God and then we get impatient with the details. We have to be careful that we do not taint our own promises. Gods promises still stand, but we must be careful not to set ourselves up for high expectations, as we do not know the plans Gods has for us. God […]