Sermons from December 2016

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Listen in the House of God


The Biblical Narrative of Christ’s birth story gives an account of the three wise men that visited Christ after his birth. As it turns out, some time after his birth. It was likely that the Magi were visiting Christ when he was two years of age. The Magi, trying to locate the newborn King, visited […]

The Reality Behind Christ’s Birth


Jesus Christ’s birth was not a fairy tale by any stretch of the imagination and many details are left out of the story as it is told today. Pastor McCarty offers a unique perspective into the fear and surrounding circumstances into which Christ was born. Christ and John the Baptist’s paths were intertwined even in […]

Why Do You Seek Christ?


John 6:24-29 What is it about Christ that causes you to seek Him? During the time of Christ, some of the original attraction to Christ was his ability to perform miracles and what He was doing for others.