Sermons from November 2016

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Stolen Valor


Our testimonies do not need to be fabricated. God has given us each a unique story to tell that is also tailored to the needs of others. We must remember that if our stories do not add up, we can do more damage than good. People want to hear the truth and God wants us […]



Wheat and Christians have more in common then we might like, maybe that is why Christ used wheat as an example in some of His parables. We must remember that to be a Christian means that we will have times where we will be sifted and consequentially refined to be a more pure Christian.

The Dehydrated Church


When we find ourselves outside of God’s word we are harming ourselves more than we think. The Bible calls the word of God the ‘Dew of Hermon’ referring to dew of Mt. Hermon. This dew was so prevalent that it would actually pool up and become the source of life for many things in the […]