Sermons from October 2016

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In our last outdoor service of 2016, Pastor McCarty reminds us, that despite our own imperfectness, we need to continue to be a haven of hope and healing in our local communities.

Defending Ourselves Against Satan’s Darts


What tools does the devil have against us? Actually, some quite effective arrows that he shoots in our direction. We must be careful to defend ourselves properly or those darts can lead us to places that God never intended us to travel to. Listen in as Pastor Marcel discusses our defense strategy against the devil.

God Never Said That: Be Thankful FOR ALL Things


I Thes 9:5. Why do we think God wants us to be thankful For all things? Where is that in the Bible? The actual calling is for us to ‘Be Thankful IN All Things’. Change one word in that Statement and it takes a whole new meaning. God has called to be thankful despite our […]

God Never Said That: What we can handle


In writing to the Church at Corinth about temptation, Paul make a reference to want we can handle on our own. That has been interpreted that God will not overload us and He will ‘not give us more than we can handle’. The problem is that the statement is out of context. ‘Not giving us more that we can handle’ implies that we are to handle it ourselves. The truth is that this is world is ‘more than we can handle’ on our own, and that God never intended for us to handle this world on our own. The weight of this world is the reason we need Jesus and the Holy Spirit.