Sermons from July 2016

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Divine Dimension


HWWC welcomes Rabbi Ron Aaronson of the the Israel Benevolence Fund. In addition to spreading the word about his work with the Benevolence Fund, Rabbi Aaronson gives his testimony about how God works wonders in the lives of everyday people. Rabbi Aaronson’s testimony is truly remarkable and inspiring.

You Must Go Through the Process


Back to Elijah and Elisha for a moment…During the anointing of Elisha, Elijah took Elisha through a specific process so that Elisha would have a foundation with which to base his relationship with God on. Listen in Pastor McCarty explain the process and how it relates to our lives …

HWWC Signs of the Times

Jesus spoke of the times we in which we are currently living. It is very awe inspiring that words spoken over 2000 years ago are still very prevalent and apply to believers today like they did when they were first spoken.

Stewardship of Freedom


While our country celebrates its independence from Britain on July 4th, we must remember that Christ has already bought our independence from sin. He paid a price for us on the cross so that we no longer have to live under the shadow of sin. We need to remind ourselves of the freedom in Christ […]