Sermons from May 2016

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HWWC The Bloodline

Pastor Berrios describes our relationship with Christ using Christ’s own earthly lineage. Christ has bought us with a price and nothing we do can change His claim to our lives. Pastor Berrios uses the relationship between Joseph and Jesus as a powerful example of how Jesus views those in the Kingdom of God.

HWWC Hide and Go Seek

We played the game as children or we may occasionally play it with our own children or Grand-children, but are we playing Hide and Seek with God? Have you ever wondered if God is hiding from you, or is it that you are not seeking Him? Where is God at in my life, day, time of need, etc? Tune in to hear God’s Word regarding his location in our time of need.

Anticipated Hope (Pentecost Sunday)

WE must remember to have anticipated hope regarding the works of the Holy Spirit and what He can do when Christians honor the name of Jesus Christ. Often Christians meet to ‘have’ church and it becomes and empty ritual and everybody leaves unchanged. Remember, the Disciples of Christ met with anticipated hope every time they […]

Mother’s Day Being Mary


For Mother’s Day, Amanda McCarty delivers a sermons about Mary, the mother of Jesus, and her promise from God about Jesus. The real hard part of the story is often overlooked when we discuss the events surrounding the birth of Jesus. Mary remembered her promise even though things seemed to get worse before they got […]

Wordless and Worried

Our worries are God’s to handle. Too often we pray to God to handle our fears and worries, but after the prayer is over, we pick them back up that take them everywhere we go. God does not want us to shoulder the load of worry that can plague those in this life. When we […]