Sermons from April 2016

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Linked In Service

During our annual Linked In service Pastor McCarty reminds that we need to connect one with another in order to sustain the church body as a whole. In fact its the purpose of the Linked In service to bring the whole church together and let people fellowship with those they may not see during a normal two service Sunday.

In this world, Truth is hard to discern. Ideas that go against the very nature of God are being taught as truth and the Word of God is being labeled as ‘non-inclusive’, Christians should be praying to God for discernment in our current times.

Be Prepared For The Harvest

Hear Pastor McCarty’s vision regarding the ministry that God has laid before him. Hear the plans God has for HWWC in the community of Isle of Wight and further in Virginia. America is becoming a mission field and the church needs to be at the forefront of bringing this country back to Christ. The harvest […]

A Unified Church

Bishop McCarty talks of the importance of a unified church and its impact on the churches testimony to the world. This message is not indicative of events that happened at HWWC, but rather how the church at large needs to understand the times in which it exists and respond appropriately and in a godly manner