Sermons from February 2016

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Liberty Does Happen


Even when we feel like we will never escape the things of this earth, the things that feel like there is no end in sight, Pastor McCarty is here to encourage us with a word that Liberty does Happen. He reminds that there is true freedom in Christ and that often we need to look to and focus on Christ to in order to begin to forget about the earthly things that discourage us.

A Disjointed Church


Pastor William McCarty discusses one of the major issues facing the modern church and its consequences in terms of the constant battle between Satan and Believers. The lack of personal connection between members of church body was to isolate us and thus make us easier targets for Satan to neutralize our efforts or even convince […]

Only His Blood


For Valentine’s Day this year, Pastor McCarty reminds us of the greatest love story ever , The Love of God for us. God sent His only Son to die on a cross for the sins of this world. Only through the Blood of Christ can one be redeemed and experience God’s love.

Find Purpose


On Superbowl Sunday, Pastor Berrios delivers a message that ties the day and times with the work of the Lord in both the church and our lives. God has a purpose for us, but we must make sure that we remain sensitive to hearing, following, and fulfilling that purpose.