Sermons from January 2016

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God’s Work Without Complaint


As a Christian, one must remember that they are a constant witness of God to the rest of the world at all times. This is one of the hardest aspects for an individual to stay constantly aware of their disposition or response to God’s work on this earth. We might do something for God or His Kingdom, but we need to remember to have a smile, the right motive, and the appropriate response, as others are watching.

Prayer and Fasting


In the lead up to our annual period of fasting, Pastor Marcel Berrios helps to lay the ground work for a successful fast. He touches on many types of fasts that a Christian can embark on, and on the what the proper intentions of our period of fasting should be. We must remember that God’s desires our intended attention and that is a place that we should be looking to get to on a continual basis.

Redeem the Time


Our perspective of eternity in relation to our on this earth is often overlooked by Christians. We must remember that the time we have on this earth is only a speck if we compare to the time we will spend in eternity with our Father in Heaven. We need operate with that concept in mind while we have time to be an influence for God’s Kingdom on this earth.