H20 Student Ministry

H2O Youth Group is all about teens growing into a deeper relationship with God. Our youth (ages 12-18) look forward to getting together every week for “Friday Night ACCESS”!! It’s our opportunity to ACCESS the things of God via great times of worship, fun games and through “LABS” (Learning About the Bible Sessions). We meet at HWWC every Friday from 6:30pm – 8:30pm. We instill in our teens to have a desire to spend time with and thirst after the things of God. We also want them to realize that they are not alone on their Christian journey, so they are encouraged to come Friday’s and fellowship with other teens who are striving to live their lives for Christ as well. For more info, check out our FACEBOOK page. Go H2O!!!

Kidz Church

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It is the desire of Kidz Church to provide a safe, happy, healthy place where kids can experience God’s amazing unconditional love first hand. Therefore, helping children gain the foundations for developing a lifelong relationship with Jesus Christ.

Worship & Arts Ministry

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Healing Waters’ Worship and Arts’ Ministry exists to glorify God, edify, enhance and engage people in the presence of God, while preparing them for the word of God and the world around them. Through weekly times of rehearsal, times in prayer, the Lord has built this extraordinary team to serve as a foundation to our worship services at HWWC. We value worship, for we know that worship brings us into the Presence of the Lord and that is when the healing begins.

We welcome you to check out our arts’ area of ministry we are developing. Our Drama Ministry is called “The Master’s Showcase”. This group does various, special presentations throughout the year to enhance the ministry of HWWC. You can also visit us on our Facebook page

Hospitality Ministry

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The most valuable earthly possession a person can have is a warm, supportive friendship. People without relationships are miserable people, but relationships cannot be purchased. They arise from our innermost needs, grounded in our God-given ability to love and care for others. A growing, healthy church nurtures healthy relationships.

The Hospitality Ministry at Healing Waters administers our Christian love, and shows our commitment to Christ Jesus throughout the Body of Christ by serving them in a cordial and cheerful manner.

Manna Ministry

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Food distributed on 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month.

Matthew 25:35-36, “35 For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me, 36 I was naked and you clothed me, I was sick and you visited me, I was in prison and you came to me.”



Joseph, a Levite from Cyprus, was called “Barnabas”, the Son of encouragement by the Apostles in Acts 4:36.

Encouragement, to give courage to, to inspire with courage, to help, to give support or to embolden, is what Barnabas A.C.T. Ministries is all about.

Affirming one another in love, Caring for one another with kind words and deeds and Testifying of God’s continued faithfulness and joy in each persons life. Barnabas Ministries was established to encourage the Church (YOU) to continue in your walk with Christ and each other in service, works and worship so that no one grows weary in doing good works of service.



A.T.P. 31 Women’s Ministry has a goal of “Aspiring To Proverbs 31″. As Proverbs 31 women, we are called to equip women to identify and live Christ’s purpose and direction for their lives. A.T.P. 31 hosts Bible Studies as well as events and retreats to provide fellowship and spiritual growth opportunities. It is our hope that these activities will serve as vehicles for women to develop a closer relationship with Christ and with each other.

Watch M.E.N.

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Watch M.E.N. is not about having a guild (people with common interests or goals); it’s about integrating men into church. It’s about camaraderie, affirmation, personal development and spiritual growth.

Watch M.E.N. stands for:

  • Ministering to our families, our church and our community.
  • Encouraging each other as we follow Jesus Christ
  • Networking together in Fellowship, outings, outreach and fun.



Preschool children: ages 3-4

Noah’s Ark provides an exciting theme for the Bible stories, crafts, full-color activity pages, and games for this preschool club. Rainbows add colorful animal badges to their vests as they complete requirements for the achievement program. Units can be completed in 4 weeks. Only nine units need to be completed each year.



Kindergarten Girls

Darcy, Diana, and Dorie (paper dolls) help Daisies make life applications from the Bible stories and principles they learn. Daisies earn colorful badges depicting these club characters as they complete requirements for the achievement program. Four-week units allow visitors to fit in right away. Club sponsors and girls select the nine units they want to complete during the year.



1st & 2nd Grade Girls

Megan, Carmen, Kim, and Tonya guide Prims through life-application stories as the girls learn biblical principles. The Discovery Box stores lesson-related objects to be displayed during lesson time to make learning even more fun. Prims earn colorful badges depicting these club characters as they complete requirements for the achievement program. Units can be completed in 4 weeks. Only 18 units need to be completed in 2 years.



3rd – 5th Grade Girls

Girls make their way up the Stairway of the Stars achievement program as they complete units in the four worlds: The World of Truth (basic Christian doctrine), The World Around You (missions), The World About You (activities), and The World Within You (character development). Memorization, projects, and Bible reading are all a part of completing the achievement program as an Honor Star. Four-week units are supplemented with projects and Adventures.



Today’s boy is tomorrow’s man. The best time to train a man is while he’s still a boy. By mobilizing, inspiring, and resourcing mentors, Royal Rangers offers character and servant leadership education to boys and young men (K-12) in a highly relational, fun, and interactive environment.

Royal Rangers exists to “evangelize, equip, and empower the next generation of Christlike men and lifelong servant leaders.” This is our passion! Our goal is to mentor future man with God’s Word as our guide.

S.T.S Young Adult Ministry

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Our Young Adult Ministry serves to connect single, like-minded, believers between the ages of 19-40 by providing opportunities for discipleship, service, and fellowship.This is a ministry that allows candid and biblical conversation, accountability and fellowship among believers at Healing Waters. We also want to encourage you to connect with us through our facebook page

S.T.S Stands for Seeking To Serve



Mountain Climbers is a growing ministry in our congregation for the 40-55 age group. It is a ministry for that age group that feels “not quite young, but not yet old.” This ministry’s desire is to offer a place and time for this age demographic to come together and build lasting relationships. The “40 Somethings” need community, they need connection, and they need to be heard. They are at a unique place in their life and need to find their place in their family, their community, and in their local church. We also encourage you to like our Facebook page.



Faith Walkers is a community of mature adults over the age of 55 who desire to become fully devoted followers of Christ. We are a caring and growing community where you can feel at home, feel valued and appreciated and learn where God can use you.

  • We have a place for you to get connected to biblical community.
  • We have a passion for Jesus Christ and want to grow in our relationship with Him.
  • We have life experience and we want to share the message of Jesus Christ with others.
  • We have a desire to serve in our God-given ministry.

Time Out Ministry

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Parents enjoy a night out without having to worry about the cost of a babysitter. Enjoy a few hours together and not have to worry about the safety of your children. Too Good To Be True?…NO!!! Every 2ndand 4th Saturday of each month is FREE. That’s right. FREE family services for you here at Healing Waters Worship Center.

Call ahead to reserve your spot each week and take advantage of this great partnership within our community. Please notify us byThursday of each week of TIME OUT. Call us at 757.356.1515 (Tuesdays, Thursdays & Fridays 9AM-3PM). If you call after hours please leave a message for the secretary. We will get back with you promptly.

For additional information, download our resources listed below:orkers are background checked and thoroughly screened to ensure the safety of your children. The environment will be safe and structured with arts and craft time, rreation and more. We will provide light snacks with your permission each week. There will also be a certified first aide and CPR volunteer

Surge College & Career Ministry

Ashley Pettit
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Young adult bible study ministry seeking to equip College and career age individuals for the Kingdom.
Ashley has been serving the Lord since  a very young age. Having grown up in church she continues to be actively connected to the Lord and the body of believers. Ashley has been on the mission field in both Canada and in South America. Her life has been a tremendous blessing to many as she has labored with her hands and loved all those she has served with her heart. She has been actively involved in the G.A.P bible study group at the WOW Center Church in Newport News VA and has helped and engaged in many outreach events. From Evangelism to participating in a life changing drama, Affabel, her life continues to shine for the Lord. Her calling to ministry and passion for God’s presence enables her to care and create ministry. She is a gifted artist and desires to help all believers restore the hurting and find their place in the Kingdom of God.