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Pastor’s Corner – Oct 1, 2017


“Together we can be great and do great things but divided we will be broken and forgotten, leaving no trace of our attempted good works.” A thought I had this week as I thought of our vision and mission as church body. Together is a powerful thing and yet in many places so often unachieved. […]

Pastor’s Corner – Sept 24, 2017


Running, running, running through this fast paced life only to wake up one day and find that the end has come. Sound sobering? I am sure we might read this opening line and think, NOT ME, but read further. I have been at the bedside of precious saints of God that are transitioning to go […]

Pastor’s Corner – Sept 17, 2017


Have you ever been shaken up? Walked on? Lied to? Lied on? Hurt? Betrayed? Stolen from? Any other harmful violation against you as a person? Well, if so, we must know that the Lord has paved the way for use to live above these heart tearing moments. Consider Jesus, He was lied to, lied on, […]