The Aftermath…

Often pieces and parts of the resurrection day of our Lord are often overlooked or simply seen but not seen. I know, where is he going with this? The Emmaus road experience with Jesus happened on the day of resurrection. The same day Mary recognizes Him, two followers didn’t. One hearing His voice and acknowledging Him while two other hear but cannot recognize. This is a true picture of the church. Many recognize Him by His voice or Word, while others remain oblivious to Him until He performs something for them to see. The day is coming and now is when two types of “believers” will arise, those that know His voice/Word and those who cannot see Him unless something is being done in their seeing. I submit that deceptions lay in waiting for those that need to see and have lost the ability to hear. Faith still comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. Jesus dealt with generations that wanted to “see” something or “experience” something. Seeing is not believing but believing is seeing. Don’t let your own personal disappointments cause you to not see Him when He really is near. We love you all!!

Jesus?… Really?

Jesus? Really? The answer is YES…. REALLY!!!!! Today hundreds of thousands are gathering to worship. Perhaps some worship a Savior they do not know, perhaps many gather today as they did in the streets of Jerusalem then, participating and yet quite unaware of the significance of the moment and the sovereignty of the Savior that was walking right in front of them. Perhaps we would have done the same? One cannot know that, but what I do know is that we are all impacted by this Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Although His Name is the target of much hate, targeted as false or a fairy tale at best, we know that at The Name of Jesus lives are still set free, delivered, restored and healed. We know that He opened blind eyes, made the lame walk, caused the mute to talk and did far exceeding above anything we could even imagine. He has worked in your life also. Oh, I know that today is marred with mess and filled with tragedy and life happens all around us YET, He who sustains us has not changed. You mean Jesus? Really? Yes…. REALLY! He is the one that paid it all, provided it all and propelled peace to all. He is who we serve, He is who we worship, He is and forever will be enough! As you reflect today, no matter what your life’s steps have wrought about in your life, you can find Him, Jesus Christ, the Messiah, our Savior and our King. Look to Him today, if you have ever wondered if He really is…. Try Him and see that the Lord is good… May the Lord bless and keep each of you our wonderful friends, family and partners in this community and surrounding areas.    


Have you ever felt that you did not fully understand something in your life? Have you ever prayed and still felt as if you had no answer? Have you ever believed and trusted in the Word of God and felt that nothing was changing? Have you ever felt that you were under a microscope? Have you ever felt that someone was judging you incorrectly or harshly? If you have answered YES to any of these and perhaps other things that we “feel” in this life, then you are in good company, because everyone at some point “feels” stuff. The problem is not with the stuff, the issue has been and always will be our “feelings” which are directly tied to our emotions. Feelings will trick you on many levels. 2 Corinthians 5:7 tells us that we “walk by faith and not by sight” right? Well, sight is one of our sensors or “feelers” in life. Paul is making a point that we walk by faith and not by our feelers. Could you imagine where all of mankind would be if our Savior had been directed by “feelers”? At the first slap, stripe upon His back, nail in His hands and feet, He would have reacted differently had feeling been put into it. Yet, the scriptures tell us that “for the joy set before Him He endured the cross, despising the shame” Hebrews 12:2. Many believers today would be best served in all aspects of life by switching the “feelers” off and keeping our faith alive. Blessings to you all!!


What is ministry? Who does ministry? Why do ministry? These are really great questions! Ministry is the agency whereby something is accomplished in the lives of people through the empowerment from another world. This simply put is Ministry is the Lord working through people to reach people. Who does ministry? Well, ministry is a partnership of sorts. The primary partnership is with the Lord and people or individuals. The secondary pieces of this are people partnering together as they have walked with the Lord and been empowered by Him and together the do ministry thus having an impact in peoples lives. Why do ministry? Well, I think of my own life that would be lost had someone not realized the “why” of ministry. The why is answer in two parts. First, ministry is done to please the Lord and to honor His name, His plan and His purpose. Secondly, people are a reason of why. The lost and found all need ministry. This is what is done as one reaches another, gets involved and in their involvement the Lord works through them and great things can be seen. So often in today’s time many desire to be “ministered” to, yet fall short in the area of doing ministry. The Lord does not want you and I to be a dead sea kind of people. What is that? Well, a dead sea people are a people that constantly “get” ministered to or that recieve the input of the flow of ministry and yet never pour out into others nor get involved in ministry. The Dead Sea is dead because the Sea has no outflow so everything that reaches it dies as the salt content is so high life cannot be sustained in it. So are believers, church goers and ministry receivers that never pour out or get involved. Are you Salty??? If so you may need to get involved and allow the Lord to use your life in an area of ministry within your local church. Look around today, walk and pray and watch to see what the Lord will say to you today. May the Lord bless you all!  

The Family

The most precious resource that you and I have been given to care for is one another. Have you ever looked around and missed someone? Have you ever had someone come across your heart while in prayer or cross your mind while thinking or going through your day? Did you act on those moments of realization? Recognizing, realizing and reaching out to your brother and sister in the Lord, The family of God, has a powerful return on investment. Care is a commodity that is truly priceless. There is a word in Hebrew, mish’pohhah, The word “mishpahhah,” means family, and comes from the root word”shaphahh,” meaning “to join.” The family is a group joined together where each role in the family serves a specific function to keep the family joined together. Notice the intensity of the latter part of the definition, “to keep the family joined together. We have a part to play in our “togetherness”. The enemy works to pull this intentional divinely inspired design apart. There is power in the family of the Lord and our connection to one another. Look around regularly, pay good attention to one another and see the care extended through your touch and tones bring triumph to the lives of those around you and remember you will reap where you have sown. We love you all! Make the mish’pohhah a priority in your life today. 

A Message From the Past

The below email was originally written exactly one month before the car accident that changed my life in 2012. Thank you to Barbara Stevens for sending it back to me. It was a powerful reminder for me. Please take a moment and read it below: Originally written on August 15, 2012…

Thank the Lord for His goodness and mercy that has been extended to all of us. I am excited about our future together in partnership at HWWC, ARE YOU? I sure hope so. So many times I find myself dreaming of what I believe we can, could and should be as a church to our community, surrounding area and also to each other. I know that God has greater things for us to be a part of. Have you ever said or heard someone say…..”could you imagine if”….We say this a lot as it relates to the Kingdom of God, COULD YOU IMAGINE IF or WHEN, and it becomes in many circles the talking point of future potential. I submit that this is a good thing to dream and consider however, I also believe that there must come a time when the CAN YOU IMAGINE, becomes a NOW reality in our lives. I will give you some key examples below of things I have heard in the Kingdom of God and I pray you grasp the power behind this email today……

Could you imagine what would happen if everyone would come together and pray……….

Could you imagine what would happen if everyone came to service ready to worship and went after God……

Could you imagine what would happen if every leader was as committed as they talk about…..

Could you imagine what would happen if everyone got involved somewhere……

Could you imagine what would happen if everyone tithed and gave according to God’s Word….

Could you imagine what would happen if everyone witnessed to others and stood for righteousness at all times….

Could you imagine what would happen if everyone invited someone to church and followed through with such invitations…..

Could you imagine what would happen if everyone read their bible and lived it in the earth…..

Could you imagine what would happen if husbands and wives lived as the scriptures declared for them to live towards each other…

Could you imagine what would happen if our children were admonished according to scripture and not the “political” ways in which many have fallen….

Could you imagine what would happen if the church spoke up in society instead of cowering behind their four walls….

Could you imagine what would happen if everyone layed aside excuses for behavior and decisions and were accountable…

Could you imagine what would happen if everyone understood the power of their life and testimony and then shared the same…..

Could you imagine what would happen if everyone in the Kingdom had church attendance as a higher priority than it is right now….

There are many others that I could write and no doubt you have thought of others as you have read this, but I want to leave you with one more that I pray speaks to each of us…

Could you imagine what would happen if WE as believers stopped “imagining” and started becoming all these things and more…..NOW THAT IS A WOW MOMENT, time is ticking…LET US AT HWWC ARISE AND BECOME!!!

I love you all and count it an honor to stand with you!

Are You Worship Ready?

Living and moving in this life while being continually aware of the power, presence and leading of the Holy Spirit is absolutely possible. One of the greatest moments that we can have is in and during our corporate worship gatherings. Seeking the presence of God in our present is so vital. As worship lifts and our hearts are aligned together in praise, something happens. God, through the power of The Holy Spirit, manifests Himself in a tangible way. We feel His presence move. Lately the sense that I have and the intensity that I have felt, I believe that we all have experienced. This is God doing a work in us together. He is preparing us for greater influence, greater ministry, greater capacity and a greater reach into the world around us. Are you seeing Him? Have you come into the House of The Lord today anticipating an encounter with Him? This is a key! We must all come expectantly and worshipfully with reverence seeking Him. When we do, He always moves and reveals Himself. Who did you come to see? I hope it is Him! What did you come to see? I hope it’s Him! What did you come to experience? I hope it is only and always Him! Together let’s worship and run after the Lord. Let’s hear Him and walk in that renewal! We love you all!!


The distractions of the enemy are great and many. His design is to get us off of our mission, purpose and vision. Do an inventory… Have you experienced this lately? Attack after attack? If so, your future is being attacked before you get there because the enemy see what you can be and will do all he can to stop it and or prevent it from ever coming to pass. The enemy see, knows and can sense the hand of God on your life and knows that if you reach your full potential, you will bring havoc against the kingdom of darkness. Light diminished breeds darkness in big ways. As light subsides, shadows cover the land. WE MUST BURN BRIGHT! Cast off the distraction, keep your eyes on Jesus! Do not be swayed by the storm, the struggle, the voices, the noise or any such thing that is trying to scream louder than God’s voice or plan that you know He has laid before you or written upon your heart. Keep the faith! Stand strong! Deuteronomy 31:6Be strong and of good courage, do not fear nor be afraid of them; for the LORD your God, He is the One who goes with you. He will not leave you nor forsake you. Stand! Do Not Faint! For the Word of God tells us in Galatians 6:9-10And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart. 10 Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all, especially to those who are of the household of faith. Running this race is the hardest thing you will ever do, but the rewards are eternal. We love you all!

The Gift of the Body

We have been given a tremendous gift in the family of God and that gift is each other. The Family of God, The Household of faith is a place of safety that we have been provided on this life. Do you value one another? Do you anticipate and look forward to seeing your fellow believers? The thought of meeting and worshipping together gives me strength. I am ministered to just by being in the room with all of you wonderful people. Hearing the voice of the corporate body energizes my soul and as the presence of the Lord fills the house all cares melt away before His goodness and grace. I encourage you to find value in one another. Build relationships through fellowship and getting involved in an area of service together. We must value our connectivity with each other. Romans 12:10 says, “Love one another with brotherly affection. Outdo one another in showing honor.” Be concerned with each other, pray for one another and be kind. We love and value each of you and we are grateful for the journey that we are on together. 

Look, Listen and Learn

Often the enemy designs distraction in destruction and other debilitating forms. Distractions are not always from TV, the pursuit of riches, the pursuit of position, people or power. Rather, his greatest form of distraction is the reality of the present trouble that we often find ourselves living in. Sickness, pain, loss, discomfort and all the like lead us into worry, and this can lead us into looking away from our Lord and then… Panic sets in. When panic sets in, then everything gets distorted as we are drawn away by worse case scenarios that haven’t happened and potential losses that have not been realized. The enemy is very cunning. He knows the Word of God and where Jesus said, “in this world, you will have trouble” John 16:33. So, he takes and interjects thoughts and substitute realities into our minds that cause us to doubt, lose joy, lose focus and it’s all on purpose by the enemy. Yet the Word of the Lord tells us clearly that, “God will cause all things to work together for good, for them that love God and are the called according to His purpose” Romans 8:28. Take a moment to and see behind the worry and doubting mindsets, can you see who authored them? It wasn’t our Lord, cast them away and look beyond the storm and strain of your struggle and realize your Lord and Savior got there first and nothing that has ever come into your life bypassed His knowing. He loves you and is working. Settle your soul, calm your mind, make sure the voices you are allowing to speak into your mind and heart line up with the biblical reality that by faith we know to be absolute. Blessings to you all! We love you! KEEP YOUR FAITH!!!!