Nothing Yields Nothing!

Never underestimate the power of you doing something. A great temptation in life today is to be lazy and often disconnected. You get out of something in accordance with what you put in it… There was a man that drove up to the local bank, he was anxious and came in with an almost irritated demeanor. “I want my dividends”, exclaimed the man. The teller asked who he was and what his account number was for his investments. The man growing all the more agitated said, “Account? What account?” The teller asked him, “Sir, have you ever made a deposit into an investment account here?” The man angrily yelled back at the teller, “NO, I have never made any investments here, but I know people that get something out of here every week.” “Yes Sir” the teller calmly replied, “the only ones that can ever get something out of an investment are the ones that put something in.” “Sir, have you ever made a deposit in this place?” Angrily the man screams, “NO” To that the teller sorrowfully replied, “if you have never put anything in, you can never look to having anything grow in return.” The man left… I know what’s the point. The point here is, you can never get from anywhere until you first invest. Invest time into being a part of ministry practices, connection and more. Invest in the Word of God so it can produce something in your life daily. Investing your entire life, not just convenient components, will yield the greatest fruit of return. So, what are you waiting for? Get invested, get plugged in, the outlet has never changed its spot, plug in today and see the light leap forth from you to so many others. Blessings today to all of you, we love you!!