The Father War!

In today’s society, there is a war to redefine a father’s role, a father’s identity and so much more. When I think of my own life, one of the greatest responsibilities that I have is to be a Father to Mason and Elizabeth. It is a role that is met with great fear and understanding that they will forever be influenced by the influence of their father. While this is an absolute truth, I also understand that every father on this earth must reflect the attributes of our Heavenly Father in this life. Fathers, you have one shot to make an impact. Only ONE! Your influence, positive or negative speaks in resounding tones through those that call you father or dad. By the way, mere biologics do not a father make. There is more than just siring a life, that is the easy part for too many, the real matter resides in the care, love, compassion, provision and so much more which a father provides.  My dad taught me so much and he continues to teach me to this day. He taught me loyalty, respect, hard work, strong work ethics, generosity, humor and so much more. In my eyes, my dad is just as strong today as he was when I was acting a fool as a kid. Dad, I love you and I am thankful for you and all you have done to care for me and your family. More than words can express, we are so grateful! Now to all the sons and daughters in the house…. Cherish your fathers, you may have several in your life and their influence goes well beyond their own time. A biological father, a step-father, an adopted father, a spiritual father, surrogate father and more, cherish those relationships and make meaningful moments together. Fathers, no matter your level of a title, make a difference, YES be strong but never stupid, YES be courageous but never reckless, YES be kind and compassionate but never condemning. YES, be constructive but never critical. There is too much riding on your influence, and you choose which kind you will be.