Stressed and Strained?

Stress, strain and the pull of life is immensely painful at times. Many find themselves each day longing for an escape, a way to get out from under the pressure of it all. Ever been there? When everything seems crazy? Yet, in these moments we can find the gentle reminders from our Lord of just how much we really need Him and the more we run to Him the less the stressors have a chance of derailing the destiny and calling that the Lord has on your life. The Lord is near to all that call to Him. He also keeps us in perfect peace when our mind has stayed upon Him. If our mind does not stay upon Him then we find our minds straying from Him. We must find rest in Him. Some may say, “I’ve prayed, read the Word, worshipped and the storm is still there!” The purpose of your connection to the Lord is not for the storms to cease. Jesus said in this life, you WILL have trouble. The difference is that when we stay connected to Him, even in the crazy and tumultuous times of life, that He gives power to the lighthouse of our life and our connection becomes a beacon of hope, help, and healing to others wondering where is the harbor and safety in the storm. Lift your heads, look to Jesus, love Him, worship Him, for more is dependent on your connection than just you. May the Lord grant each of you the power and strength for the journey ahead! We love you all!!!