Protect the Peace!

If the enemy can steal your peace, he will kill it and if he can kill it, he will destroy it. Our ancient enemy is always looking for things to steal from you. Your peace, your joy, your vision and mission, your calling, your hope, your help, your healing, your unity, your focus, your EVERYTHING! You and I must work diligently to guard against the foolish wiles of the enemy that comes to take and tear away from the people of God. No matter what in this life, guard your heart and mind in Christ Jesus. The Lord has done great things and He continues to do great things. You and I must stay focused upon Him. Distractions will come! Detractors will come and, in the midst, we must look above them, through them or around them and see Him, the Lord guiding us, leading us and working in us His good and perfect will. Oh, the journey that the Lord has allowed us to navigate and the best is yet to come. The heart and head are the main places of all the enemy’s tactics of deceit, discouragement, and despair. Stay alert! We love you all!