Jesus?… Really?

Jesus? Really? The answer is YES…. REALLY!!!!! Today hundreds of thousands are gathering to worship. Perhaps some worship a Savior they do not know, perhaps many gather today as they did in the streets of Jerusalem then, participating and yet quite unaware of the significance of the moment and the sovereignty of the Savior that was walking right in front of them. Perhaps we would have done the same? One cannot know that, but what I do know is that we are all impacted by this Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Although His Name is the target of much hate, targeted as false or a fairy tale at best, we know that at The Name of Jesus lives are still set free, delivered, restored and healed. We know that He opened blind eyes, made the lame walk, caused the mute to talk and did far exceeding above anything we could even imagine. He has worked in your life also. Oh, I know that today is marred with mess and filled with tragedy and life happens all around us YET, He who sustains us has not changed. You mean Jesus? Really? Yes…. REALLY! He is the one that paid it all, provided it all and propelled peace to all. He is who we serve, He is who we worship, He is and forever will be enough! As you reflect today, no matter what your life’s steps have wrought about in your life, you can find Him, Jesus Christ, the Messiah, our Savior and our King. Look to Him today, if you have ever wondered if He really is…. Try Him and see that the Lord is good… May the Lord bless and keep each of you our wonderful friends, family and partners in this community and surrounding areas.