What is ministry? Who does ministry? Why do ministry? These are really great questions! Ministry is the agency whereby something is accomplished in the lives of people through the empowerment from another world. This simply put is Ministry is the Lord working through people to reach people. Who does ministry? Well, ministry is a partnership of sorts. The primary partnership is with the Lord and people or individuals. The secondary pieces of this are people partnering together as they have walked with the Lord and been empowered by Him and together the do ministry thus having an impact in peoples lives. Why do ministry? Well, I think of my own life that would be lost had someone not realized the “why” of ministry. The why is answer in two parts. First, ministry is done to please the Lord and to honor His name, His plan and His purpose. Secondly, people are a reason of why. The lost and found all need ministry. This is what is done as one reaches another, gets involved and in their involvement the Lord works through them and great things can be seen. So often in today’s time many desire to be “ministered” to, yet fall short in the area of doing ministry. The Lord does not want you and I to be a dead sea kind of people. What is that? Well, a dead sea people are a people that constantly “get” ministered to or that recieve the input of the flow of ministry and yet never pour out into others nor get involved in ministry. The Dead Sea is dead because the Sea has no outflow so everything that reaches it dies as the salt content is so high life cannot be sustained in it. So are believers, church goers and ministry receivers that never pour out or get involved. Are you Salty??? If so you may need to get involved and allow the Lord to use your life in an area of ministry within your local church. Look around today, walk and pray and watch to see what the Lord will say to you today. May the Lord bless you all!