The Family

The most precious resource that you and I have been given to care for is one another. Have you ever looked around and missed someone? Have you ever had someone come across your heart while in prayer or cross your mind while thinking or going through your day? Did you act on those moments of realization? Recognizing, realizing and reaching out to your brother and sister in the Lord, The family of God, has a powerful return on investment. Care is a commodity that is truly priceless. There is a word in Hebrew, mish’pohhah, The word “mishpahhah,” means family, and comes from the root word”shaphahh,” meaning “to join.” The family is a group joined together where each role in the family serves a specific function to keep the family joined together. Notice the intensity of the latter part of the definition, “to keep the family joined together. We have a part to play in our “togetherness”. The enemy works to pull this intentional divinely inspired design apart. There is power in the family of the Lord and our connection to one another. Look around regularly, pay good attention to one another and see the care extended through your touch and tones bring triumph to the lives of those around you and remember you will reap where you have sown. We love you all! Make the mish’pohhah a priority in your life today.