Pastor’s Corner – Oct 1, 2017

“Together we can be great and do great things but divided we will be broken and forgotten, leaving no trace of our attempted good works.” A thought I had this week as I thought of our vision and mission as church body. Together is a powerful thing and yet in many places so often unachieved. We can be and do great things together for our Lord IF we stay together. The scriptures are clear that when unity is present then power and the influence of heaven on earth follow. We need the Lord to move upon us. The time to be together has come. Let us arise and build and do great work that we have been called together to do. We love you all and are thankful for our 1st Responders and all the sacrifice they make on our behalf.* Pray for them and be kind to them as they may be saving your life one day. Blessings to you all! Building Bridges Together, Pastor William McCarty, Lead Pastor *This Pastor’s Corner was written for our Honor Sunday Celebration event at Nike Park, honoring all 1st Responders in Isle of Wight County.