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Pastor’s Corner – Oct 22, 2017


Celebrate the most important miracle of all is what we, as a Church body, must do. One way we accomplish this is through Water Baptism. Water Baptism is a public profession of our faith that declaration is made at water baptism. Water Baptism not only demonstrates the salvation process. As it provides each believer with […]

Pastor’s Corner – Oct 15, 2017


Unknowns in this life are all around us. Often times we are filled with a sense of dread as we encounter problems that we have never faced. The good news is that Jesus is ALWAYS there hanging onto you so that you may not fail. I admit, some days are much easier to trust the […]

Pastor’s Corner – Oct 8, 2017


Eternity… Do you  think about it much? Most of us really consider eternity when we are faced with the passing of a loved one or we are seated in funeral or memorial service. Eternity is much longer than the earth. For many, planning and looking ahead of just a few days seems daunting and even […]

Pastor’s Corner – Oct 1, 2017


“Together we can be great and do great things but divided we will be broken and forgotten, leaving no trace of our attempted good works.” A thought I had this week as I thought of our vision and mission as church body. Together is a powerful thing and yet in many places so often unachieved. […]