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Pastor’s Corner – Sept 24, 2017


Running, running, running through this fast paced life only to wake up one day and find that the end has come. Sound sobering? I am sure we might read this opening line and think, NOT ME, but read further. I have been at the bedside of precious saints of God that are transitioning to go […]

Pastor’s Corner – Sept 17, 2017


Have you ever been shaken up? Walked on? Lied to? Lied on? Hurt? Betrayed? Stolen from? Any other harmful violation against you as a person? Well, if so, we must know that the Lord has paved the way for use to live above these heart tearing moments. Consider Jesus, He was lied to, lied on, […]

Pastor’s Corner – Sept 10, 2017


There is nothing that is impossible with our Lord. Have you ever thought something in this life was impossible? Did something ever seem like it was never ending? In moments like this when our faith seems to be shaken, the reality is that our faith is really being strengthened. We most not fail in our […]

Pastor’s Corner – Sept 3, 2017


This past week we celebrated the life and ministry of Pastor Bob Collins. He was a faithful servant of our Lord. I will miss him. He became a part of HWWC in more ways than many really would know. He was with me from the very beginning of my ministry journey, loved me, and counseled […]