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Isle of Wight Emergency Services Department!!

I would like to invite you to an event in your honor. On Sunday September 25th at NIKE PARK in Carrollton from 11AM – 3PM we will be having an HONOR EVENT for you and all the first responders and law enforcement departments in our community as well as for your families. This event will feature a TRIATHLON EVENT!!! We are asking every department of Fire and Rescue as well as each law enforcement department to select FIVE individuals that will compete in a triathlon event. (nothing too strenuous but fun) The WINNER will receive a large customized trophy that will stay at that department for one year for display and of course bragging rights! Each following year the trophy will come back to the event and the defending champions will defend against all the departments all over again. This will be fun, competitive and create something new within our community.

We value you and your commitment to our lives in all aspects of community safety. Please accept this invitation to your entire department. We need your RSVP by September 18th as well as the names of each of your teams. We will have multiple awards, prizes and great fun. You may call or email your RSVP for the number of people total attending (including your families as well) and for the TRIATHLON team registration. Include the department that you will represent in the RSVP please. The event leaders to RSVP with are:

Maggie Richards: (757) 371-9010 Millie Berrios:  757-353-1882

We are partners together,

Pastor William M. McCarty

Senior Pastor- Healing Waters Worship Center


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