Passing On Our Christian Heritage

We are one generation away from losing the heritage of our Christian faith, specifically the uniqueness of the power of the Holy Spirit through the relationship with our risen savior, Jesus Christ. Psalm 145:4 “One generation shall praise Your works to another, And shall declare Your mighty acts.” The converse is simple! If we do not praise His works (share the works of our Lord revealed in our own lives and our experience with Him through His Holy Spirit) to the next generation they will not know. We must sure up the ranks of our faith. There is a generation coming up that is hungry for the divine and supernatural. They want to know a power greater than themselves. We must start turning ourselves back toward the power and presence of God manifested in every individual’s lives. We are made up of individual and corporate experiences, encounters and biblical education that make us the effectual body of Christ in the earth. Every individual must experience God, encounter one another through true fellowship in pursuit of God and be educated through sound biblical discipleship. A one sided church with experiences and no sound biblical discipleship will not weather the coming storms. A church solely educated with no experience with the power and presence of God, the Holy Spirit, will have no light nor drive to permeate the darkness of an increasingly evil world but only be able to argue theoretical points with no life proof. There is a hunger building in the generations behind us that is screaming for a sound experience with the Lord through the Holy Spirit, a sound educational paradigm in true biblical discipleship that provides more than a momentary lapse of the reality of the dark world in which they live. May God help us to experience Him in a deeper fashion, encounter one another in the pursuit of His Presence through fellowship and find sound biblical education leading into solid discipleship that brings a total transformation whereby the life of sin is no longer engaged and the Light of Christ is revealed!